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Crusader Parents


Sacred Heart Catholic School is the extraordinary place that it is because of the efforts of many who give their time, talent and treasure to benefit the school.  Your presence and help in the school strengthens the school and home relationships making you an even more valued and appreciated part of the school communities


Our PTC (Parent-Teacher-Club) is composed of amazing parent volunteers who are working alongside the school to bridge the gap of communication between parents and school. Every parent and teacher connected with Sacred Heart Catholic School is a member of the Parent Teacher Club and encouraged to participate. 


Parent involvement inside and outside the school improves parent-child relationships, parent-teacher communication and the overall family-frielndly atmosphere to improve the quality of education! 

A Few Volunteering Opportunities

  • Be Head Room Parent (to organize parties and class events)
  • Donate Items to your child's class with teacher & principal approval
  • Library Assistant
  • Book Fair Volunteer
  • Be a Volunteer Driver for sports, Trips, Ect
  • Assist Coaching a sports event
  • Hold a P.T.C. Office
  • Be a Reading or Math Tutor
  • Volunteer for Beautifuication Projects
  • Chaperone for Field Trips, Events