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The STREAM Challenge is designed to provide students the opportunity to continue their personal faith journey within the integrations of Science, Technology, Engineer, Art, and Mathematics. The categories in this contest, incorporates challenges that tap into students imagination and creativity, while practicing 21st century skills.  Through continued reading and understanding of Catholic and Biblical text, students are able to grow the relationship with God and his church as they prepare themselves with the  knowledge necessary to meet performance assessment requirements. The categories are: Art Memory, Knowing My Faith, Math, Music Memory, Spelling, Witness to the Word.


God has bestows upon his people the gift of song. God dwells within each human person in the place where music takes its source. In deed, God, the giver of song, is present whenever His people sing His praises (USCCB Sing to the Lord, 1.) In this contest, students will praise and worship through song in choral ensembles. Sing at the Cross contest is an avenue for students to share their spiritual gift. Divisions Lower Elementary ensemble (grades k-2nd eligible) Upper Elemetary Ensemble (grades 3rd-5th eligible) Middle School Ensemble (grades 6th-8th)